It's Friday, and that means that Johnny U comes off his tour of are nursing homes and tries to entertain us with his jokes.  He always claims that he has the best ones.  It never has been.  But even I will admit, every once in awhile he hits on a fairly entertaining and humorous joke.  Today happened to be one of those times.

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Johnny always comes in prepared with two jokes.  Usually they are both bordering on awful.  But today, one, the first one, was pretty funny.  The second one, back to the lame jokes that he normally tells.  But maybe you will find it funny. Judge for yourself.

See? Now, that guy really made  a mistake. And the reason it's funny is probably mostly because we have all done something that stupid.  Well, maybe not everyone, but we have all done something close to that?  The guy in the joke is probably not with his partner, wife, girlfriend or whatever, anymore.  Would you forgive something like that?

On to the second joke.  That's a big nope. Poor Johnny.  He tries so hard.  Well, we think he does.  Maybe he really  just doesn't try and thinks that will work just as well.

He will be back again next Friday. Lame Joke Friday is every Friday morning right around 7:35.  Tune in next week!

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