Did you see this?!  Chris Gursky wanted to try hang gliding.  He was in Switzerland and the views must be amazing there, right?  Things didn't go quite as planned.  

Yeah, poor guy wasn't strapped in.  He had a harness on, it just wasn't attached to anything.  How scary would this be?  How could this even happen?  You would think that the pilot would strap in the tourist, or passenger before strapping himself in, wouldn't you?

The pilot, after realizing what had happened, made a bee line for a landing as soon as he could.  Gursky was losing his grip slowly, but managed to hang on until they were fairly close to the ground.  He slipped off going about 45 miles in hour.  Surprisingly he only suffered a broken wrist and a stretched/strained bicep.  It could have been so much worse.

The thing that I found amazing is that he said he would go again, because what he did see what so cool, but couldn't focus on the view because of what was going on.... trying to keep from falling.  He would like to try it again because his first flight didn't go quite as planned.

I would never, and I mean NEVER do this again.  That is, if I even got the courage to do it the first time.

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