Have you seen the ad that has the internet all a-buzz?  I saw this ad sometime over the Thanksgiving weekend for the first time.

I didn't really think much of it, except for the fact that it's super expensive (north of $2000 average) and I don't think I will ever be able to afford that thing.  I do have a couple of friends who have one, and they love it.  It's like taking a spin class without leaving your house.  It seems like a big win for people who have busy lives, or small children, and can't necessarily leave to get to the gym on a regular basis.

Via Youtube.com Pelaton bike
Via Youtube.com Pelaton bike

Enter the internet trolls who are all about making a bunch of assumptions about the people in the ad.  It has been called sexist- because why would a husband buy this for his wife, who, by the way, is fairly slender.  Like, why would she need or want something like this?  Secondly, she is slender, so why is her husband insinuating that she needs to lose weight and get into shape?  She's already thin.  These are the reasons the trolls have decided that this ad is offensive.

Personally, I didn't think any of those things were true.  The weight loss part of it is NEVER mentioned in the ad.  She does video blogs that are supposedly done throughout a year.  She says she "feels" so much better and she is "changed".  Maybe she feels better because she wanted to de-stress, she wanted to get into shape (you can be thin and out of shape).  Also, maybe she asked for this type of exercise bike.  As a viewer, you don't know the back-story of this fictional couple. She may be wanting to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Who knows exactly what's up from this ad... it is up for your own interpretation.

So, MY interpretation is that you can find offensive things in whatever you see and/or hear.  That is, if you are looking to be offended.

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