In the late eighties and early nineties, I worked for a great rock station WDIZ Rock 100 in Orlando, Florida.  One of mSamy favorite experiences there was when I was assigned to keep Sam Kinison awake for the entire night.  You see, Sam had been scheduled to be on the morning show earlier that year but overslept and missed the show.  The morning show guys gave me the assignment, along with our station limo guy, to pick Sam up at the airport at 10 PM and keep him awake until the morning show the next day.  Back then Sam was pre rehab and had his own bag of "awake" in his coat pocket.  So we drove around in the limo all night and laughed our asses off.  We got him to the morning show and all was good. That evening we had to pick Sam up at his hotel and take him to the Bob Carr Auditorium for his show.  Show started at 8:15 and at nine we were still riding around in the limo waiting for Sam to feel like going to the show.  Finally got him there and while hanging in his dressing room, Sam went into the stall in the corner.  Pretty soon we heard him yelling "Hey, look at me, I'm Elvis" as he was lying on the floor kicking his legs. Great times working in Florida!  Sure wish Sam was still around.  He was a very kind and gentle guy.  In the picture, I'm the guy with the porn mustache and I had hair back then.


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