I'm certainly not trying to make anyone feel old here. I hadn't moved here when these events happened. But, I did hear about them soon after moving here in '99.

The SCSU Homecoming riots, October 1988,  was one of the first stories I heard when I moved here. Evidently, the partying had gotten out of control. I was told there was a dumpster fire and a car or two tipped over. Also I heard stories of SWAT called in and a giant bonfire in the street. This happened, believe it or not, almost 31 years ago.


The explosion downtown, December 11th, 1998 near Courthouse Square, where six buildings — Bellantti's Pizza & Deli, Book Em's Bar, L. Michael Hall Law office, Tom's Bar and Bartsh Bail Bonds — were destroyed by a gas explosion, killing 4 people and injuring several. This happened almost 21 years ago but is still fresh in the minds of many.

And finally, who can forget the Great Halloween Blizzard of '91?  28 years have passed and I still hear about it, usually around Halloween time. The main complaint I hear about this is that kids had to cover their costumes with winter attire.

Where were you when these things took place?

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