I already have an issue with anything that could sting me.  And now this.  Funny, I've never actually been stung by anything worse than a mosquito, but I still don't like the idea.  And there have been several of these nasty things flying around recently.  And now I find out that they are angry drunks.  Question, of course, is how do they get drunk and why are they angry?

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Apparently, this time of year brings wasps out to look for rotting and fermented fruit.  They find it, and it makes them both drunk and angry.  Well, isn't that just the best news?  Whats worse is when they are drunk and angry they also want to stink you!  And they can keep stinging, can't they?  Not like bees when they sting they die.

Apple Harvest

So, what are we supposed to do with this information?  Well, just be on the lookout for wasps, and stay away from any fruit that could be rotten and/or fermented.  We used to have fruit trees in our yard.  Both pear and apple.  Got rid of both of them because of the wasp problem.  Now I understand what was going on.  Glad we got rid of those.  No regrets at all!

Luckily this phase doesn't last all that long.

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