The anticipation has been running high.  People in Central Minnesota generally love Mr. Twisty, and of course the googly eyes that they put on their cones.  It just adds a bit of fun and whimsy to your frozen treat.

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Mr. Twisty announced on Facebook that they would be opening this week, and today is the day!

Mr. Twisty is now open for the season.

This is a great place located in the Westwood area of St. Cloud just off of Veterans Drive.  There were a few comments on their Facebook page announcement with one person stating that they can stop driving by to see if they were open or not.  Yes, now we all know and can start enjoying all that they have to offer.

I was actually introduced to Mr. Twisty at the Benton County Fair.  I had one of their versions of the "Dole Whip".  You can get it in a few varities of flavors and pretend you are at the original Dole Whip headquarters, Disneyworld.

There is also a Mr. Twisty in Sartell.  They call it Sartell's best kept secret!

Our Sartell store is located in Pinecone Central Park, just seconds off of Pinecone Road. We offer all the same treats that you've come to love at our St. Cloud location.

If you love going to Summertime by George, the Mr Twisty truck will be there all summer long. So you can enjoy all of the treats they have available through their ice cream truck.  The truck will also be available at the Benton County Fair, and watch for where else the sweet treats will be making a stop throughout the summer months.

If you haven't tried a treat from Mr Twisty yet, plan on making a stop there today. Either in Sartell or the original location in St. Cloud.

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