I'm not a complicated person. It really doesn't take much to make me happy - my guitar, Star Wars, and maybe a case of beer. And of course, my favorite band - Tool. I would basically do anything for this band, and I have the sunburn to prove it. Here's my story. I sat in a car for 20 hours (one way) last week to see Tool in North Carolina.

Long story short, the festival was a disaster and Tool ended up cancelling. I waited all week to hear their 2 new songs in person after they released live versions online (after having already waited a number of years to hear new music in the first place.) Needless to say my will power had already been tested to the extreme.



The only thing I got from my trip was an insane sunburn that probably won't fade for another 2 weeks. They cancelled due to bad weather only a couple hours before they were set to play, so after sitting through all the terrible emo bands and spending 10 hours in the smoldering heat to see them, I had to run through 2 miles of hail and hide in a portapotty until my ride could pick me up.

After spending an accumulative 50 hours in a car with no Tool, I came back home pretty disheartened. I just so happened to check their tour dates yesterday ago to see if they'd be close to me, and it turns out they're playing in Iowa tonight (about 5 hours from me) and by some miracle there were still tickets left. Just dropped another several hundred dollars on tickets to see them tonight. Mark my words. NOTHING. WILL. STOP. ME. FROM. SEEING. THIS. BAND.

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