Every weekday we take a look at what's happening in music news. Check out the headlines for today, here!

  • Okay, I cannot control my excitement! Roger Waters, formerly of Pink Floyd, has just announced the upcoming of a new album! It's called Is This The Life We Really Want?, but currently has no release date. This is his first album of new material in 25 years!
  • Even though I love Pink Floyd like no other, I don't think I would name my child Pink Floyd. However, a super fan of Iron Maiden just named their baby boy exactly that - Iron Maiden. The couple live in Bolivia, and the odd name choice has given them a spot in the headlines.
  • Looks like Kid Rock could be one of our newest senators! Even though this is purely rumors right now, Kid Rock has always been known as a Republican – and also a potential challenger for Senator Debbie Stabenow, a Democrat who’s held her seat since 2000.
  • Quiet Riot has announced the arrival of a new album! It’s called Road Rage, and will be available April 21st. It is a follow up album from 2014’s Quiet Riot 10.

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