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  • Over the weekend we had a huge Beatles reunion! Paul McCartney joined Ringo Starr to help lay some bass tracks down on Starr's new upcoming LP. Who also joined the party for good measure? Joe Walsh!
  • Roger Waters is going to be a busy man this year. He announced last week that he would like to perform Pink Floyd‘s The Wall at the Mexican/American boarder for a political statement against President Trump’s plan to build a wall. Also, we just got word that he is coming out with new material on his new album Is This The Life We Really Want? that currently has no release date. Don’t forget, Waters is also going on tour – and we can see him at Xcel Energy Center on July 26th.
  • Even though I love Pink Floyd like no other, I don’t think I would name my child Pink Floyd. However, a super fan of Iron Maiden just named their baby boy exactly that – Iron Maiden. The couple live in Bolivia, and the odd name choice has given them a spot in the headlines.
  • Earlier last week we heard rumors that Kid Rock could be running for a seat in the U.S. Senate. Now, we have word that Ted Nugent could be his competition. Both artists are well-known republicans, and both would run for the seat in Michigan for 2018.

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