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  • After 25 long years, Pink Floyd's Roger Waters is coming out with new material on his album Is This The Life We Really Want? And now, we've got an official release date. Roger gave us a teaser video for the project, and we'll get the new album on May 19th.
  • Queen's Brian May is also coming out with a new album, with the help of Kerry Ellis. The new album is called Golden Days, and you can expect it to hit shelves on April 7th.
  • All Bon Jovi fans know "I Got the Girl" is written about Jon Bon Jovi's daughter Stephanie - but not everyone gets to see Stephanie dance with her dad on stage to the song! That's exactly what happened last Saturday. Usually Bon Jovi will accompany the song with old home videos of Stephanie dancing as a little girl - but now Stephanie is a 23 year old woman, and danced with her dad in Las Vegas.
  • Alice Cooper is no stranger to people trying to boycott his shows – and now a Minnesotan woman is trying to stop him from playing down in Mankato this June. Alice Cooper is slated to play at Vetter Stone Amphitheater on Friday June 9th, and a North Mankato resident Barb Church recently stood before city officials trying to cancel the show. Church’s home is located close to the amphitheater, and is concerned about the decibel levels in her home.

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