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  • Even though Lemmy Kilmister is no longer with us, members of Motorhead are giving fans a treat - Lemmy's own solo album. The band has been working on this project for a few years- and even though we don't know the release date - the album is ready to be put on the market.
  • After many months of putting it off, Bob Dylan will finally be accepting his Nobel Prize in literature. The award ceremony was held back in December, but this weekend Bob’s meeting with the Swedish Academy in a “small and intimate” setting.
  • A few weeks ago I told you about the recording console for sale that Pink Floyd recorded Dark Side of the Moon on, and now we have an official buyer. The person, who remains anonymous, just paid $1.8 million for the console at an auction earlier this week.
  • Aerosmith had been planning (maybe their last) fall tour for this year – but now guitarist Joe Perry has told us that those plans are being postponed. The reason? Aerosmith is recording a new album!

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