Oh yes, the Super Bowl. It is perhaps the biggest event of the entire year in the United States. Cheerleaders, football, and beer – it’s got “America” written all over it. One of the most anticipated aspects of the biggest game of the year is the halftime show, and which musical artist will be booked to perform.

I’ve gotta be honest here – there should never be a year when a rock band DOESN”T play the halftime show. Why on Earth would Katy Perry ever be booked to perform at a sporting event as violent as the Super Bowl?

That’s pretty dumb in my opinion. Football is aggressive and rowdy, and it calls for music that is equally as aggressive and rowdy. Here are the top 10 rock bands that should perform at the Super Bowl (in no particular order.)

  1. Metallica
  2. AC/DC
  3. Van Halen
  4. Iron Maiden
  5. Foo Fighters
  6. The Rolling Stones
  7. Queen
  8. Guns-N-Roses
  9. KISS
  10. Def Leppard

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