Ruh roh!

Are you batsh*t crazy? Were you voted, "Most Likely To Be On The FBI's Most Wanted List" in high school? Or elementary school?

If so, then this blog isn't for you.

Psychopaths usually appear normal; it's the little things they do that add up. There are certain jobs that are made for psychopaths, according to British psychologist and writer Kevin Dutton. He wrote a book about the top jobs that attract psychopaths. Enjoy!


#5: Surgeon

Psychopaths have something called, "stress immunity." Surgeons have to make fast, tough, but accurate decisions, so being "immune" to stress is actually an admirable trait.

#4: Salesperson

Relentless desire for more makes a psychopath a great salesperson. Shameless self-promotion and lack of empathy make for a top-shelf salesperson.


#3: Radio/TV Personality

Crap. The shameless self-promotion on top of narcissism is almost a requirement to get very far in broadcasting/media. Being able to stay calm under pressure (see "stress immunity") makes for a cool, collected broadcast star. Yes, we're nuts.

#2: Lawyer

Shocker? Nah. Copious amounts of self-confidence and charm combined with being a cold-hearted bastard makes for a lawyer that you want on your team.

#1: CEO

All of the traits above smooshed into one firey (rich) nutbag in charge of an entire company. The ability to cause chaos for everyone around them while staying cool will make them seem gooder than they are.

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