No matter how healthy you are or what great genes you have, someday something will kill you. Not pleasant to think about but it's nice to have a list of things to watch out for, I guess.


According to The National Safety Council, here are the top ten things that will probably kill you. Chances are it will be one of these.

Heart disease. There's a 1 in 6 chance your own heart will end you.

Cancer. One in seven

Lung disease. One in 27, which has to be higher if you smoke.

Suicide. One in 88 chance you'll end yourself

Opioid overdose. One in 96 chance.

Auto accident. One in 103. this is the first year that opioid overdose beat out car accidents.

Falling. One in 114  (Damn gravity)

Getting shot.  One in 285  (providing your mistress can keep a secret)

Hit by a car or other vehicle.  One in 556 (unless your are one of those with so much faith in mankind that you walk blindly into a crosswalk)

Motorcycle accident.  One in 858

Now, just to cheer you up, here are 5 things that probably won't kill you.

Train accident.  One in 243,765

Lightning.  One in 218,106

Plane crash.  One in 188,364

Dog attack.  One in 115,111

Bee sting.  One in 46,562

That should make you feel better.

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