For the last few years, we've found ourselves away from home on Halloween.  Some years it's for work.  Some years it's been for adult parties that our friends are hosting.  Either way, I hate missing the neighborhood trick-or-treaters.

Instead of just shutting off the lights and closing down shop at our home, I like to hang a bag with candy on the door.  I call it the Trick-or-Treat Trust Bag and it's usually accompanied with a note for the kids.

Almost every year we do this, we come home to find not only the candy gone, but the bag missing and sometimes even the sign is torn down.  But, every year, we put the bag out, because why should the good kids who are following the rules get punished for a few kids who are out raising hell?

Anyways, this year I was shocked to find that not only was the bag still hanging on the door, the sign in it's place, but also there was candy left in the bag.  WOW!

Lucy / Townsquare Media
Lucy / Townsquare Media

This is the first year this has happened.  Needless to say, we are very impressed with the kids in our new neighborhood!

Hope you had a Happy Halloween as well!


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