Going to new places and trying new things is one of my favorite things to do. And it's even better when you don't have to travel too far.  And by "too far" I mean not having to hop a flight to wherever you are wanting to go.  Obviously that is good too, but when you don't have to do that, it's a lot cheaper, and much less of a commitment.

It's fun to find unique things to try... this time it's desserts.

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According to Only in Your State these are some of the best desserts to try.

Let's head to Duluth.  While you are checking out the beautiful fall colors this time of year, stop in and grab a yummy dessert to share... or not share.  It's up to you.


They have a "to die for" caramel corn sundae.

It's ice cream topped with roasted peanuts, caramel, hot fudge, and sea salt. It's a perfect way to cool down as you road trip up the North Shore. Address: 5461 North Shore Drive, Duluth.


The Duluth Grill is known for their delicious breakfasts.  If you do want to go there make sure to make a reservation at least a day in advance or, get up really early and get there to avoid a possible hour plus wait.  Part of the reason it might be super popular is because it was featured on an episode of Diners Drive-Ins and Dives.  We were just up there a few weeks ago and could not get in.  It's that good.  But, if you are lucky enough to get in, or are willing to wait for a table, you have to try the Banana Cream Pie.

It's made up of a flaky crust, vanilla bean custard, and smooth caramel sauce. Yum! Address: 118 South 27th Avenue West, Duluth.

Not too far from Duluth is Hinkley.  If you head to Grand Casino, you have probably stopped at, or at least driven by Tobie's.  They are known for their delicious caramel rolls.  I have had one of these... they are REALLY good.  Yumm-O!

If you are willing to drive a little North of Duluth, you can stop in Two Harbors.  There you will find a little cafe.


 ...the real draw is the huge menu of made-from-scratch pies. One of the very best is the strawberry rhubarb, a sweet pie with a flaky crust and just the right amount of tart. You can't go wrong with this one. Address: 2773 Highway 61, Two Harbors.

Instead of heading North, you could also travel just a little bit Southeast to the Twin Cities area.  There are definitely a few places to try if you'd like.

This might be a weird one.  But, it's also a case of "why not?"


Served at the ever-delicious Hola Arepa, the dish is described as "a salty, sweet & savory addictive snack." Not enough to convince you to try a candied Cheeto? Rest assured that an order of this brittle will only set you back $3. At that price, why not? Address: 3501 Nicollet Avenue, Minneapolis.


This one might seem a little on the "ordinary" side.  But if you can get a really good chocolate cake, that is a definite win.  I personally think most chocolate cakes are dry.  Which is why I usually prefer something else.  But this one at Cafe Latte is a good one. Definitely not dry.

A smooth, creamy fudge binds together three layers of dark chocolate in a positively mouthwatering eating experience. You don't want to miss this one. Address: 850 Grand Avenue, St. Paul.

And finally... how about this: BOOZY CAKES.  Yes Boozy cakes.  This little gem is available at The Copper Hen in Minneapolis.  Here is the description for these morsels of yummy-ness.

The Boozy Cake is a crowd favorite, served with a pipette of liqueur. The cakes themselves come in a variety of flavors, from chocolate to carrot to red velvet. Address: 2515 Nicollet Avenue, Minneapolis.

Oh, and as an added bonus, it comes in a little mason jar that you can keep.  Souvenir!  Love souvenirs that are also useful.

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