A man was cruising on a highway in Michigan last Thursday. He claimed he had a box containing $30,000 that he left sitting on the bumper of his truck. while cruising down the highway, cash started flying off the back of his truck.

Police responded to reports of cars stopping on the highway to pick up the loose cash. They had to temporarily close traffic lanes and with the help of bystanders, started to pick up the money.

The owner of the money soon arrived and told police he was carrying $30,000 when the spill happened. Bystanders eventually recovered $2,470 from the road and police asked anyone else who had pick up money, to bring it to the Grand Haven Department of Public Safety.


It appears that all the money has been pick up and on Saturday police posted and update praising the people that had turned in money they had picked up. One woman turned in $3.880 and two teens returned $630.

There still is about $23,000 out there somewhere. My question is why was this guy transporting $30,000 in a cardboard box in the back of his truck?

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