I like to write that it's that time of the year again, but it's not.  This is way too early for this stuff. We had the most snowfall, we've had in an October storm, in a really long time.


Tuesday between 11 AM and 8:30 PM the State Patrol was extremely busy responding to 493 crashes, with 48 of those crashes involving injuries. There was one serious injury.

I'm hoping that this early storm thing is not a sign of one of those winters we dread, especially when you have to travel. There is more snow forecasted for today which could make driving tricky and dangerous again.

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It's a good idea, if you are thinking about hitting the road, to check with MnDOT. You can check their website at 511mn.org for the latest travel and road conditions. You certainly don't want to head out in dangerous conditions.

Although snow this time of year is certainly not unusual, this much of it is. When we get more than 3 inches in an October storm, that is unusual. Yesterday, in St Cloud, we had a measurement of 6 and a half inches.

The Minnesota State patrol issued a few safe driving reminders;

  • Slow down and remember 4 wheel drive doesn't mean 4 wheel stop.
  • Don't tailgate.  Leave plenty of rood to stop if needed.
  • Put away distractions
  • Make sure lights are on
  • Turn off cruise control
  • Be sure to give plows plenty of room

Be safe!

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