Kate from Tri County Humane Society checked in this morning with another adoptable pet.  Today's featured pet is a very energetic cat appropriately named Turbo.


Meet Turbo! She was brought to TCHS because she was not quite the right fit for the household. This gorgeous lady lives up to her name; at times she is "turbo-charged" meaning she can get overstimulated easily. Will need an adopter with plenty of cat experience who understands the signs of over stimulation and can interact with her in a calm and collected manner.

Plenty of personal space and enrichment are the best ways to set her up for success. Young cats who get bored and overstimulated thrive with enrichment opportunities such as several climbing/perching places, interactive toys and playtime, the option to watch the outdoors and even have supervised outdoor time. She has lived with another cat before and did well. She has not met any dogs or children.

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Has been fearful and stressed by dog barking and loud sounds in the shelter setting. Slow and proper introductions are necessary with any resident pets. Although vert stressed upon arrival at TCHS, she has come out of her shell and shown her sweetheart personality. Has become a staff favorite!  She may do best as an only pet as she likes to have her own space.

A high-quality diet is recommended to help ensure her health into the future. Spent a lot of time in her cat tower in the previous home. She may enjoy an indoor/outdoor home to help stimulate her mind. Various types of toys would help keep her entertained. The use of Feliway is strongly recommended as she transitions to a new environment, and she has responded well to this product during her stay at TCHS.

Check out this stress-reducing product and other cat supplies in the TCHS Re-Tail Shoppe! Turbo is looking for a new friend to give her the opportunity to shine! Donations and adoption fees help cover the cost of spay/neuter surgeries, micro-chipping, vaccinating, de-worming, any medical procedures and general care ~~DEPOSITS MAY BE PLACED ON ADOPTABLE ANIMALS by calling 320-252-0896

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