I think everyone in Minnesota and the surrounding area has either seen or heard of Twiggy.  She is the squirrel that water skis.  So strange and cute at the same time.  Well, after 4 decades (yes, I was shocked too) she will be retiring.  

The last show was yesterday (Sunday) at the X games in Minneapolis.  She skied around the pool, as she always does with her cute little red cape and hanging on for dear life.  At least that is what it always looks like to me.

The Twiggy water skiing adventure was started by Chuck and Lu Ann Best.  Chuck has since passed on and Lu Ann is just hanging it up now after all of this time.  Twiggy has entertained kids and families for 39 years.  She whips around the pool pulled by a remote controlled boat, and just has the best time.

Maybe Twiggy will have something to say about her retirement.  Maybe she doesn't want to retire.  Maybe.  We may never know.  She is a squirrel, after all.

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