We knew it was coming but that doesn't seem to soften the blow much.  Twin Cities comedy pioneer and legend Scott Hanson passed away over the weekend at the age of 66. Scott had been having some health issues.

Scott posted this on Facebook about a month ago


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This is sad for many reasons. If there is one thing the world can't afford to lose it's any "funny".  Twin Cities comedian, Scott Hansen is pretty much a comedy legend in the Twin Cities and his comedy has reached many thousands, maybe millions of comedy fans around the country.

Many comedians that are huge stars now appeared in Hanson's Twin Cities clubs back in the day. Comedians like Jay leno, Ellen DeGeneres, Jerry Seinfeld, etc.
The Twin Cities has turned out it's share of great comedians, Joel Hodgson creator of "Mystery Science Theater 3000", Al Franken, Louie Anderson, C Willi Myles, Mitch Hedberg and the list goes on.  With all this comedy talent to compete with, Scott Hansen managed to be named Minnesota Comedian of the Year not once but 5 times.

Scott has made numerous TV appearances over the years making us laugh on HBO, Showtime, Comedy Central.  We've also heard Scott on XM/Sirius Radio. He's produced a couple of TV pilots.

One of my favorite Scott Hansen lines was about growing up fat. "In high school girls flocked around me all the time. They didn't like me, they just couldn't escape my gravitational pull".

It's always been my opinion that comedians are vital to humanity. The gift of making people laugh is priceless.

Rest In Peace Scott, you made a difference!

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