One would hope that the recent chaos around the country will soon come to and end. It's been a helluva year, so far, and a return to somewhat of a normalcy would be just great.

Governor Tim Walz announced this morning that curfews will continue in Minneapolis and St Paul to early Wednesday.  They will be shortened by four hours to 10 PM to 4 AM tonight and Tuesday night.  The past few nights the curfew time was 8 PM until 6 AM.

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The Minnesota Department of Public Safety says 276 arrests were made with most of those being misdemeanor curfew violations.  Since the violence started on Friday night, 500 people were arrested in Minneapolis and St Paul combined.

Here's hoping things settle down now. With the pandemic's Stay-At-Home orders and businesses shutting down, things have been tough. It's all we needed after and during all that, was for riots to break out nationwide, right?

I feel for all that suffered losses due to the looting and violence over the weekend. Unfortunately, peaceful protests were sabotaged by trouble makers aiming to stir things up.

It is somewhat comforting to hear that a good number of those trouble makers weren't from around here.




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