Crime in the Twin Cites and just about everywhere else, it seems, is really out of control. Sure robberies and that kind of stuff is going to happen. It's the violent assaults on innocent people that should alarm us all.

A guy just trying to do his job wouldn't expect that his night would end with a severe beating. But that's exactly what happened to Dale Howey, a manager of 11 properties in Minneapolis.

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According to CBS Minnesota residents of one of Howey's properties, Green Rock Apartments on Harriet Avenue in Minneapolis informed him that there were cars parked illegally in the back of the apartment's parking lot.

Howey checked it out and the cars were reported stolen, so Howey called to have them towed out of the lot. “There was one without plates,” Howey said. “That raised a flag.”

On New Year's Eve, Howey was having the cars towed away when a group of men approached him.

“They said ‘Hey man, that’s our car!'” Howey said. “I said it’s listed as stolen, and it’s being towed… One guy comes up and puts his phone right in my face, and I swatted it out of the way and the other guy clocks me.”

Fast forward an hour and Howey wakes up in Hennepin County Medical Center with a broken eye socket, a concussion and 3 staple in his skull. Not a great way to bring in the New Year.

“They were out for blood,” Howey said. “They knew what they were doing. They set me up.”

Howey said that the police are working on finding the two males that assaulted him that night but Howey said “(The police are) working on beginning of December cases, cases that are more serious than mine.”

“These kids obviously have an axe to grind, it’s not with me. I’m trying to make things better for everybody,” he said.

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