The Twins are having a great season.  I feel like it's about time, too.  I'm not sure if it's the change in management, or if the players are just getting their groove on, or what the deal is... but I think it's time for fans to get on board and realize that this team is good.  I was hearing a lot of "oh, they are always good in the beginning... let's wait and see towards the all star break... blah blah blah".  Let's get on board, people!

Dave Overlund

This brings me to the home runs.  This is kind of awesome.  There are 7 MLB players that are on track to make 50 home runs this season and the Twins' Eddie Rosario is one of them.

Don't want to jinx anything... but here we go!  Great season for the Twins.

Let's win Twins!