Now I think everyone has found the joys of Uber and Lyft.  It's kind of awesome.  It's cheaper than a taxi and you get personalized service.

Carl Court/Getty Images

But what if you were using it for something other than just a ride... well, it's still a ride, but a ride somewhere you aren't supposed to be going.

Enter this couple.  They called an Uber to come pick them up. When the Uber arrived, the driver happened to be this woman's HUSBAND!!!  Yeah.

Ok, my first thought is that this is a made up story.  When you have the app, it shows you who the driver is and what kind of a car they are driving.  Also- the person driving also sees who the person is who ordered the Uber.  So this story seems a little far- fetched.  The only way that I suppose it could be true is this- they say that the woman's husband was driving his friend's vehicle and using his account.  Ok.. so he suspected his wife??  Also- you can't do that, it's against regulation.  So the person who's account it actually was has been suspended from driving an Uber.  For now.

That's my only explanation.  But, the next time you order an Uber... maybe look to see if you know the person who is driving....

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