This seems odd.  Ride share drivers are striking.  It's a short strike, and it also depends on the city as to when and exactly where they will be available or not.  And they do have a list of demands that is inclusive with any ride share. This also depends on the organized group- like the Rideshare Drivers United has demands that include:

10% commission cap on driver earnings, introducing an hourly minimum wage similar to New York City's, and a transparent and speedy appeals process for when drivers are de-activated. 

Since both of these companies have drivers that are essentially independent contractors, they don't necessarily fall into the category that regular employees do as far as their rights go.  Those things include:

minimum wage, overtime, workers' compensation, unemployment insurance, paid sick leave or on-the-job expenses.

It will be interesting to see if they really do strike, or what actually happens with that depending on the city/area the ride share companies cover.