I can't be the only person that this annoys. Or... maybe I am.

We all hear so much about how St. Cloud drivers can be horrible drivers.  Although recently there was a study that found that drivers in St. Cloud were the best.  Did anyone really take that thing seriously?  I mean, the person who conducted that study... did they even come to St. Cloud to check it out?

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It's questionable.

Anyway, here is my latest annoyance.  You are stopped at a stop light.  Not in the front, either.  More like a few cars back, but on the back side of a side street or a parking lot.  There are also people behind you.  The light turns green and people start to move (finally).  And the good soul in front of you, who obviously has a lot more time on their hands than possibly anyone else, decides to let the cars that are waiting to enter the road from the parking lot go.  Just waves them in... while the time is ticking away on the green light.  STOP THAT!!

You may not have had to get anywhere in any particular time, but possibly the people behind you do.  So now, that said, you finally get up to the light, it turns red again, and you can't make the light because of the "good hearted person" in front of you.  They, however, made the light by going through the thing on a yellow.  Yay you.

See, the thing is that the person waiting to enter the road from the parking lot already knew they had to wait.  The person who let them in, was trying to be nice, by not taking anyone else, other than the person in the parking lot entry, and their time into consideration.

Bottom line is this... don't do that unless you are the last person in line.  Then by all means, let them go if you would like.  But if you are not the last person in line waiting for the red light to turn green, think about the people behind you.  They might not have as much time on their hands as you do.

Just a thought.

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