If you've flown out of MSP airport in Bloomington at any point last year, you may want to double-check your bank statements. There was a data breach that affects customer payment info.

Delta pushed out a release on their website yesterday, making the world aware of this data breach that took place between September 26th and October 12th of 2017.

Thankfully the data breach wasn't directly on their system, but rather on a 3rd party vendor's system, named [24]7.ai, that Delta uses for their online chat service. Here's what they are saying about what information was breached:

...during this time certain customer payment information for [24]7.ai clients, including Delta, may have been accessed – but no other customer personal information, such as passport, government ID, security or SkyMiles information was impacted.

They've just recently put up a website at delta.com/response to address customer questions and concerns about this data breach. They're also saying they will be contacting every customer who would have been affected by the [24]7.ai breach during that time frame.

The way it sounds, only a small amount of customers would have been affected. Given the size of Delta Airlines, the term "small" could be in the thousands to put it into perspective.

Delta considers Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport one of their main hubs, so it's very likely many Minnesotans are on the list to be contacted!

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