The city of St. Cloud has an agreement with a party to purchase the cleared former District 742 Media Services property.  St. Cloud Community Development Director Matt Glaesman joined me on WJON.  He indicates that project is advancing and describes it as a "great commercial use" for the property.  Glaesman says the developer was clear about who the tenants will be and that includes a financial institution and a secondary tenant would be for commercial use, which could include a restaurant of some sort.  He says the building will be a multi-tenant single story building.

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The former Frigidaire location on the north side of St. Cloud has a new owner.  Glaesman says a new owner purchased the property in September of 2023.  He says the owner will invest in the building, clean it up and make it available for warehousing and distribution due to the high ceilings and wide open space.  Glaesman says this new owner is an experienced developer determined to make the property more attractive for new tenants.

Glaesman also addressed a new owner of Midtown Square Mall and their goals for that property.  He says this new owner took over in December of 2023.  Glaesman says they are Minnesota based and are looking at the future for the property and have yet to determine its direction.

Liberty Square Parking Lot (photo - Jay Caldwell)
Liberty Square Parking Lot (photo - Jay Caldwell)

Downtown St. Cloud housing and commercial development has been a high priority for the community for quite awhile.  Glaesman says the city has received lots of interest from developers to build housing downtown.  He says the city's surface lots make a lot of sense for future housing.

If you'd like to listen to my conversation with Matt Glaesman it is available below.



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