2020 was what some people like to call a sh** show. There really is no other way to put it.  It was awful.  There are some things that you can look at and see some positives about the year, but over all it was just bad. Businesses being lost, people being lost, financial ruin or just an uncertain financial future.  Things were not great.


Moving into 2021, people are looking to book a vacation. Getting away, even a long weekend will help with most people's moods. You just feel happier with you can just get away from the day to day, even for a bit. With that said, there are still places that are not available for travel.  So, because of that, might be a good idea to travel within Minnesota.  You can go so many places while staying right here, especially if you haven't been to the North Shore or to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area.  Plus, there are all kinds of camping options or cabins to rent  along the way there at several little towns.  If you would rather go to Southern Minnesota, there is that option as well.  Casinos, if that's your thing, theatre if you would like some culture, and have we mentioned all of the lakes we have here in Minnesota?   Yeah, there are a few.

If you would like to get away from everything familiar, there are some great deals that the airlines are offering along with some great hotel deals.  The thing to keep in mind, as more and more areas open up to the public, is that if you get a really low price  or a "great deal" make sure you check to see if it is refundable, if your plans change.  If the place you are traveling has the closure issue, usually they will work with you. But if your plans change for something on your end, you may not have as many options.  Just something to think about while you  decide on a Spring Break vacation or a family vacation coming up this summer.

Whatever the deal is, I'm sure many people are going to want to get away and do something in the coming months.  Quarantine fatigue is real!

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