Everyone knows, who knows me, knows that I am kind of a picky eater.  The weird thing is that I tend to like things that others can't stand... like lima beans... beets... artichokes.  But I don't like regular things like butter...unless it's completely melted on something like pancakes or waffles or a baked potato.  I also cannot stand pretzels... just tastes like burnt bread.  Yuck!  Although I keep trying to like them.  So far, no success.

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images Entertainment

In walks ice cream.  FAVORITE!!!  Most all kinds of ice cream I love!  Even that strange one Halo Top, which is supposed to be mostly protein and they try to make it taste like regular ice cream.  Good effort... but no score.  But how about veggies in your ice cream??  WHAT??  Yes.  Veggies.  Apparently you can't taste them.  It's to get kids (and some picky adults) to eat their veggies, or at least get the nutrients from said veggies.

Viktor Fischer, Thinkstock

This website shows that ice cream can also be healthy.  They only have 5 flavors, and it's pretty expensive too.  $8 for a pint of this stuff.

I wonder if you can sample it first....

Signed, skeptical.