I hate to keep harping on this issue but it frustrates me to no end the way the Minnesota GOP Senate totally disregards what the majority of Minnesotans are in favor of, legal recreational marijuana.

Credit: KFGO
Credit: KFGO

Are they so indebted to the drug companies that they disregard the will of the people of Minnesota. Legalize recreational marijuana and watch the sales of anti depressants and anti anxiety drugs drop.

Oh, it's going to happen, it's just a matter of time. First we need to get these dinosaurs out of Minnesota government.  Or maybe, just pass around a fatty before they vote.

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This past Tuesday, the Minnesota House heard veteran's issues on the bill to legalize recreational marijuana and the bill past it's second committee. The big problem here is the GOP Senate which is dead set against legalization.

Jeremy Sankey with Minnesota Veterans for Cannabis during the House session said that it's a quality of life issue with veterans.  He added  “And to those that say, cannabis doesn’t help with PTSD, let me tell you: The number of 22 veterans a day (who commit suicide) would be a lot higher — a lot higher without cannabis.”

Some concerns like this from Steve Kalina, who's with The Minnesota Manufacturing Association seems to think legalization of cannabis would threaten Minnesota's many high tech industries. He said  "No one would want someone under the influence making a life-saving device or assembling the brake lines of their car."

With that train of thought, maybe we should take a look at workers hungover or still under the influence that work in those industries. Perhaps we should make alcohol illegal again because, boy, that worked last time we did that.

The legalization bill needs to clear a number of committees before a floor vote in the House. Of course, those that control the Minnesota Senate are strongly opposed to the bill. Gee, big surprise!

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