Living in Minnesota brings along with it a lot of stereotypes  when talking with people from other parts of the country.  Growing up here I have pretty much heard it all.  From the accent, to hot dish (I didn't know what that was until I was about 10 or 11), to the long "Minnesota" good-bye to "Up North" to "you  betcha" to bringing "barss" to a pot luck.  We, as Minnesotans have many things that people in other states THINK we are.  And some, not all, are fairly accurate.


There have been several videos and jokes that have been associated with people and things that are all Minnesota.  I ran across this one, and I am really surprised at how much I can relate to the things mentioned.

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Being someone who has lived most of her life here in this great state of Minnesota...  I have never been ice fishing.  Except one time when I joined in at the fishing tournament on Gull Lake.  Other than that... nothing.  I don't even like fish.  Weird, right?  I hear so many people tell me that I just haven't had theirs, or their dad's, or some other "great batter" that would absolutely change my mind.  No.  Just like pretzels and unmelted butter.  Gross.

I love the "does everyone in Minnesota own a crock pot"?  Is that a Minnesota thing?  People in other states don't have crock pots?  Or is it that we make so many dips that require a crock pot?  I'm not sure.  And do other states have as many stereotypes as Minnesota does?

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