When the Eagles won the Super Bowl on Sunday, many fans attending the game at U.S. Bank Stadium started grabbing any souvenir they could, including our seats. It's not a big surprise though, given that they pretty much destroyed their own town of Philadelphia following the win.

StarTribune reported that even though there's plenty of surveillance video of the fans who damaged property at the stadium, there hasn't been any formal charges filed...yet.


Here's a video that Barstool Sports posted on their Facebook page. This fan snuck the purple seat and seat back out of the stadium, and even managed to tie it to his carry-on luggage and get on the plane at MSP airport.

There were plenty of Vikings' fans at the big game as well, who noticed green-wearing fans destroying seats in our stadium, with many seats that had holes kicked in them.

The MSFA is already getting the stadium ready for it's next event and replacing the broken and damaged seats immediately.

There's no saying if the MSFA will try to locate those who did the damage to the stadium, but you can bet the next time the Eagles play in Minnesota, there will be plenty of eyes watching for this kind of mischief from fans who still want to add a Super Bowl stadium souvenir to their collection!

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