Lets get right down to this and waste no time. This is serious business and the Vikings will destroy the Packers, hands down.

Barry’s Predictions:

1st Quarter… Vikings 10, Packers 7
Vikings defense will be awesome given how many passes Rodgers is throwing. Packers defense barely showed up to the game.

2nd Quarter… Vikings 16, Packers 21
Packers get lucky on a couple touchdowns, including a long ball pass. Vikings forced to a couple field goals.

3rd Quarter… Vikings 26, Packers 24
Tables turn on the Packers as their defense gets sleepy again, allowing a big touchdown and field goal.

4th Quarter… Vikings 40, Packers 27
Peterson is the star of the quarter with a couple touchdowns to secure a win. Packers lose!!

Dave’s Predictions:

The game starts, as always, with the Authority (Roger Goodell and Stephanie McMahon) addressing the crowd from the middle of the field.

"Good afternoon MINNEAPOLIS!," Goodell begins, to a chorus of boos. "We are here today to crown a NEW NFC North CHAMPION!"

Suddenly the lights go low in the stadium, leading Joe Buck to exclaim "That music can only mean one thing!" Aaron Rodgers enters the field from the tunnel, escorted per usual by Olivia Munn.

Rodgers angrily grabs the mic from Goodell. "Hello Vikings fans, scum of the Earth lowlifes that you are," Rodgers begins, with Munn grinning devilishly. "I am here tonight to prove to you, to the people watching on FOX, and to the entire NFL that I AM the ONE true champion of the world."

"I don't respect you, your city, or your football team," Rodgers continues. Munn snatches the microphone from the quarterback and proclaims herself the "queen bee" of the NFL as well. The crowd is not pleased, and a chant of "Teddy, Teddy, Teddy" begins to waft from the crowd until the energy in the stadium reaches a fever pitch.

Suddenly, a plethora of fireworks bursts from the sky to robust applause and cheers from the Minnesota fans. By the time their gaze returns to the field, Bridgewater is standing nose-to-nose with Rodgers, staring down the arrogant QB with Munn chirping from a safe distance.

Wasting no time, Bridgewater unleashes a series of chops and punches, stunning Rodgers and knocking him to the grass. Munn retreats sheepishly back into the tunnel, crying the entire time, while mascara runs down her face.

Bridgewater drags Rodgers to the Spanish announcer's table, leading Francisco X. Rivera and John Laguna scrambling for cover. Bridgewater promptly tombstones Rodgers into the smal TV monitor and breaks the table into a thousand pieces.

The Vikings QB appears to have the match under control, until Munn re-emerges from the stands and throws scalding-hot nacho cheese she took from a complacent Packer fan right into Bridgewater's eyes.

Rodgers temporarily gains the upper hand on Teddy with an RKO, but the Vikings quarterback responds with an atomic elbow from atop the crossbar, and Rodgers is out for the count.

Final score: Vikings 22,  Packers 17

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