When I first heard that Volvo was putting a speed limit on their new cars I immediately thought of semi trucks and some other commercial vehicles that run with a governor on them that holds them at like 60 or 70 mph.  I was like, well, that's not great.  What if you need to pass, or some other situation that you would need to speed up to 80 for a short time.  Or what if you are on a road where the speed limit is 75 and now you're going to be holding up traffic because you know everyone will be going 80-85 in that situation.

But hold on.... Volvo is putting a limit of 112mph.  Seriously?  112???  How often are you going to need to go that fast?  Or where can you go that fast... well, Germany I guess you can go that fast on the Autobahn. And that's only on some parts of it.


So, this is no big deal.  Why would they even mention this?  112... good luck.

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