This has been a very unusual year, so far. And it just happens to be an election year. Voting could be difficult if stay-at-home and social distancing are still in effect by election day.

Post Offices Across Country Brace For Expected Busiest Mail Day
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The biggest concern about voting by mail is the chance of voter fraud. But really, people have been voting with absentee ballots for a long time.  Our armed forces have used the U.S.Mail to vote for decades.


Some say we can't trust the mail. Well, we trust it to mail out Social Security checks, the census, tax refunds, etc.  So why not allow us all to avoid, if necessary, the potential danger of lining up at the polling places.

Many states have closed down polling places, usually in low income or minority districts. This makes it difficult for many people to cast their vote, which I assume is the whole idea. Voting by mail would eliminate this problem. Everyone has the right to vote, right?

If it's easier to vote, more people will vote.  What's your take on voting by mail?

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