So, after all of this hullabaloo- Amazon is showing that this sweater, actually it's a sweatshirt, is the number one seller for Ugly Sweaters.  See- just tell someone that it's a bad thing, or banned somewhere, and people will come out in droves.

If you do want to order one... here is the link.  It's like $32.  Go for it!

(original post) Who thought up the idea for this sweater?

PHOTO: Walmart

And even thought Walmart apologized, what in the world could it have been other than what it looks like?  I mean, really, who is in charge of quality control over there?  Good Grief!

Apparently it came from a third party...

There were a few other sweaters that were also removed from Walmart showing Santa in some compromising positions.  I mean, this is Walmart.  There is another store in town that has things like this, but you expect it from them. Not only Santa and sometimes reindeer in "those" positions, but also some phrases that are stated on the sweaters, sweatshirts,etc with some fun, but probably inappropriate phrases and images.  Thank you, Spencer Gifts.

But Walmart?  That's another story.  Wowzers.