Sounds like Bret needs some cash so he's unloading a few cars at the auction. 

Rumor has it that Poison front man Bret Michaels will unload three of his cars at an upcoming Barrett-Jackson car auction.

Up for sale will be a 2004 Lincoln Navigator, a 2011 Ford Explorer and a 2004 Bentley Continental GT. I checked around and if you were to buy any of those three vehicles, you'd pay around 15 thousand for the Navigator (which breaks my heart because I want one), anywhere from 29 to 40 thousand for the Explorer and about 75 thousand for the Bentley. Now, none of the cars I looked up have ever been owned by a rock star, so my guess is that Bret's cars are going to go for a little more than blue book at the auction.

The Navigator he's selling was seen on his show Rock of Love and he says it's a "true rock star vehicle". The Explorer has also gotten some screen time. If you watch Life As I Know It you've seen this vehicle as well. The Explorer is well appointed with a GPS and luxury package that includes chrome accessories, a large moon roof, reverse sensors and DVD players.

Not only is Bret selling the cars, he's going to be there when they sell. Bret is going to help launch the eight day gala with a performance and you can watch the auction on the Speed Channel starting January 15.

This marks the second appearance for Bret at the Barrett Jackson car auction. He was there last year selling his 1969 Chevy Camaro. That, by the way, sold for $220 thousand dollars.