We're just over halfway through 2011 and it seems like everyone is out on tour. So, who leads the pack in terms of total gross and most fans? 

No surprise here. From November 1, 2010 or May 31, 2011 U2 and their hugely successful 360 Tour are number one on the list, but number two may (or may not) surprise you.

Former Pink Floyd member Roger Waters is second with his Wall Tour. Billboard Boxscore says that Waters played 69 sold out shows to over a million people and raked in $114 million in the process.

Bon Jovi's Circle Tour is number three. The New Jersey natives played 45 sold out shows to almost a million people and made just over $107 million dollars.

Eagles, Elton John, Stevie Nicks, Neil Diamond, Metallica and Ozzy all ranked in the top 25 for hugely grossing tours.