Ok- this has got to be one of the cooler ideas that has come up in awhile.  Now, I know that there are some parks around here that do the outdoor movies in the summer.  And it's pretty cool  But, how cool would this be if you could watch a movie in the park, outside on a sort of bed... kind of like you were hanging out at home?  

PHOTO: The Bed Cinema

Denver, Colorado has this new thing that is beginning this coming August.  And I think it would be pretty awesome to get this all over the country.  It's a place called Bed Cinema and it's basically just that- you hang out on a bed and watch a movie outside.  Kind of like a drive-in, only you aren't in a closed in car, you are on a bed in the park.  Maybe they should call them "bed-ins" instead of "drive-ins".  Makes sense, right?

 What do you think are the odds of us getting one of these things here in the St. Cloud area?