We have all been watching Minnesota's own Suni Lee compete in the Tokyo Olympics. The 18 year old gymnast has had her father, and the rest of her family with her throughout her journey to get to the Olympics.  But she and her father have had a special bond.

Via youtube.com Today Show
Via youtube.com Today Show

Because of the COVID protocols, Lee's family was unable to be with their Olympian during the games.  But they were there cheering her on from their home state here in Minnesota.

A few years ago her father, John Lee, fell from a ladder and was paralyzed from the waist down.  He remained his daughter's biggest fan along with her mother,  and brother and sister.

Suni has dedicated her All-Around gold medal win to her father.  While stll in Tokyo, she mentioned that she was so excited to get home so she can share the medal with him because he deserves this as much as she does.  

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Yesterday, Suni seemed to be doing the tour of TV appearances.  She was reunited with her family on the Today show in New York, Rockefeller Plaza.  This is where she walked out to where her family was waiting and gave her gold medal to her father and sweetly put the medal around his neck.

After that, the family boarded another plane and made it back to Minneapolis where they were greeted by fans in Minnesota.  Grace McCallum, also on Team USA, was  greeted at MSP airport as well.

Suni Lee is headed to Auburn college this Fall and will be on their gymnastics team.

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