This was done last year, and now it's back by popular demand.  You can watch Jaws while sitting on a floatie in the ocean.  Can you think of anything more scary?  I can.  Watching The Shining while staying at that hotel in Colorado... then spend the night there too.  Yikes!  Maybe go camping and watch Friday the 13th.  Or stay in an abandoned warehouse basement and watch Saw... and of course spend the night there too... locked in a room.

Jaws on the Water at Volente Beach Resort Lake Travis

These all seem completely awful to me.  But there are those who would do this in a heartbeat, which is why they are doing it again this year.  Probably going to be an annual deal.  If you would like to take a little trip to Leander, Texas, the dates will be available soon.

Trip to Texas might be in the cards for you, however.