Johnny U was back this week. He's had a 2 week hiatus, so you would think that the jokes would have improved, right?   Such is not necessarily the case.  Unless, of course, you don't have a great sense of humor.  Or, if you have a broad sense of humor, you may find these  somewhat humorous.  We'll see.


First up, we have a fart joke.  Yep, that's the brand of humor we portray here on the Loon.  At least, today it was courtesy of Johnny U.  Not only is it a far joke, it's a joke that might be a little off time, as it is referring to a Christmas Tree. At least the scent of one.

The second joke (yes,  there are generally two every week) is about a little kid... well, it's Little Johnny so you kind of know what sort of joke you are going to get with that one.  Off kilter... at least as far as normal little kids would  go.  Little Johnny just likes to ask a lot of questions that get him into trouble. This one is no different.  It refers to the "Birds and the Bees". You kind of get the picture there.

Here are both jokes.  Enjoy, or not.

Every Friday around 7:35am Johnny comes in and gives us his lame jokes of the week for Lame Joke Friday.  If the jokes were better, maybe we could change the name. But for now, it's staying like it is.

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