I've always been fascinated by wolves and pretty much all the wildlife in Minnesota. I had no idea there was an organization that studies wolves in Minnesota.

Voyageurs Wolf Project has trail cams set up all around Minnesota and some of the footage they collect on these trail cams is simply amazing.

Recently, Voyageurs Wolf Project checked a tail cam from Voyageurs National Park in Northern Minnesota and captured some really cool footage of a large wolf pack. This pack is named Cranberry Bay Pack and last winter was only 4 strong.

Last spring 4 pups were born and it appears at least 3 of the four survived. Two of the wolves in the video were collared until the collars fell off this fall. They had been collared since 2019.

According to Voyageurs Wolf Project, they rarely are fortunate enough to capture this many of the wolves in the same frame.

The two ear-tagged wolves in the video consist of the breeding male and the breeding female. You can pick them out in the video. The lighter gray ear-tagged wolf is the breeding male (VO83) and the breeding female is the darker ear-tagged wolf (VO84).

The Voyageur Wolf Project is a research project at the University of Minnesota. They track the activities of the wolves, mostly in northern Minnesota and keep track of the habits, travels, etc. of these fascinating creatures.

Bes sure to check out the Voyageurs Facebook page for some pretty cool trail cam videos of a variety of Minnesota wildlife you would ordinarily not be able to see. Check it out here.

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