Every morning, I'm up at 4 AM and I immediately tune into the local news at 4:30. Just about every day it's "Teens Gone Wild" in the Twin Cities. Shootings, car thefts and car jackings seem to be the everyday norm in the Cities.

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It's like they have no fear of being arrested for their crimes. I really don't have any idea what can be done or where even to start with these kids. Yeah, they are just kids.

After being reported stolen by the rental company, the stolen Kia was located by a police helicopter using GPS coordinates and a 15 minute chase began.

According to FOX 9 News, police were in pursuit of a stolen KIA in Little Canada this past Saturday afternoon. Police were chasing the stolen Kia down 35E northbound and had put down stop-sticks. The driver of the stolen KIA swerved to avoid the stop-sticks and crashed into the median wall.

In the video you'll see the 4 teens all exit out of the same side of the crashed vehicle and make a run for it across the freeway. They didn't get far because the Minnesota State Patrol was on the scene and apprehended all four teens.

Two of the girls, that bailed out of the stolen Kia, were treated for minor injuries.

These were just young kids. Arrested were 3 girls ages 15-17 and a 14 year old boy. I can't see any long term consequences in these kids' futures. If tried as juveniles, there most likely will be no permanent record.

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