Honestly, where to do people take these surveys?  I've never been asked about any of this stuff.  And also- where do you get a job where you get to give these surveys?  Talk about a cush position.  Nice!


But anyway, there was a survey taken to see who is most tired while they are at work? Minnesota didn't even fall into the top 10, or 20.  I'm guessing that they think since it's cold here 7 months out of the year (I may be exaggerating) that we are all super awake.  Whoever they asked certainly didn't ask anyone in Morning broadcast... be it radio or TV.  We're tired... a lot.


According to this survey, Nashville, Tennessee is the most tired city.  I'm guessing it might be because people are up and trying to make music at all hours of the night, and then running around and playing for tips to make money to make the music that they are trying to do for a career.  How was that for a run on?

I'm just guessing that might be the issue.

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