Bologna cake.  At first glance I'm thinking DISGUSTING!  But after I watched the video, I decided maybe that might be kinda good on crackers.  See, the reason I was thinking it was totally disgusting was because I was thinking you'd eat an entire piece of this "cake".  But no, just take a little bit and put it on a cracker and it might be pretty good.

Maybe you could modify this and use ham.  Bologna still sounds pretty gross to me, but if you used some ham, or corned beef?  Some other sort of meat it might be a bit more appetizing.  But everything else- good!  There's cream cheese... yes, they had me at cream cheese, regular cheese- you could probably use squeeze cheese, because that's totally healthy.  But let's be honest... the healthy train left quite awhile ago.  You get to garnish with whatever you'd like.  It could be good.

So- make this at your next family or holiday get-together.  Let me know how it goes.

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