In the last 20 years, things have sure changed in airport security. I remember when there were just a few things not allowed on a plane. Well, as you know, things have certainly changed. I found a list of 5 things that are not allowed and some seem pretty weird, I think.

Like, Magic 8 Balls are not allowed. I'm guessing the liquid inside is a problem.

If you plan on taking a trip and bringing a bowling pin along, you'll need to check that.


Cast iron cookware is also not allowed due to the weight and possibility of it being used for a weapon.

Also, sticks of any kind. pool cues, ski poles, hockey sticks, etc. Potential weapon is the reaso here, also.

Cooking sprays that are flammable, also banned due to a possible explosion.

But you are allowed top bring antlers, fake skeletons, rocks, fresh eggs, a Geiger counter, cheese graters, a live fish, a parachute and you can even bring your own inflatable life vest.

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